When AMH is Low, What Should You Do?

There is a common misconception that low AMH means you are infertile or you can’t conceive. However, very few people understand AMH and its levels. Today in this blog we will talk about the steps you should take after you find that your AMH level is low.

So, when a baby girl is born, she has almost 2 million eggs in her ovaries. These eggs decrease and reach to four lakh eggs when she hits puberty and it decreases with every menstrual cycle.

The egg sacs in the ovaries are in the resting stage that is, primordial follicles or sleeping follicles. Each month, four to five antral follicles grow and mature out of the total number of eggs. These antral follicles or mature eggs develop an AMH hormone that supports the eggs.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a very important hormone that indicates your ovarian reserve or number of eggs in your ovaries. In an AMH test, we can find out how many eggs are in the ovaries, but not how healthy they are.

It is possible to determine the accuracy and variations of AMH by comparing different levels. AMH levels below 1 Nanogram per ml are considered low. And if your AMH level is below 0.7 we consider it a very low AMH.

We must understand that our AMH level decreases naturally with age. Your AMH level is at its peak in the age of between 25-30 and is equal to 3 or above. As soon as you cross your early 30s, the AMH gradually decreases and reaches up to 2-2.5. After 35, it decreases rapidly and reaches to only 0.9 when you hit your 40s. The sign of these decreasing levels shows that the eggs in your ovaries are decreasing rapidly.

Now, what should you do if you find that you have low AMH?

If you find out that your AMH level is low, you need to keep some things in mind. If you are below 30 and married, you need to know that your reproductive window is low, which means you have very little time to get pregnant.

Your low AMH in your 30s tells you that your eggs are gradually decreasing and you need to plan your pregnancy soon. If you find difficulties in conceiving naturally, you can consult a nearby experienced fertility expert.

If you are above 30 and especially 35, visit and consult a fertility expert at earliest. With low AMH in the late 30s, we have seen that almost 99 percent of women face difficulties in conceiving naturally.

So the last hope lies in the hands of a fertility expert who can help you in conceiving. Your fertility expert will help you with advanced reproductive techniques through which they will harvest as many eggs as possible and help you have your own biological child.

So it is better to make up your mind that you may need to visit a fertility expert or may even take the help of IVF to get pregnant.

Now the second scenario is when you have any disease like cancer or any ovarian disease because of which you have low AMH, but you are young and you don’t wish to plan your pregnancy in the present. In this situation, you can take help of the Egg freezing method.

This egg freezing method is also called Mature Oocyte Cryopreservation, in which your fertility expert matures your eggs up to a certain stage with the help of injections. After the egg reaches a certain stage, it gets extracted and stored with the freezing technique.

Through this technique, we can store eggs for many years and in the future, you can plan your pregnancy at any point in time.

Now, sometimes when the AMH is very low, you may need the help of an egg donor to become pregnant. Your fertility expert can guide and give you detailed information on this thing.

There is another technique to treat AMH and increase its level, which is the Ovarian Rejuvenation Technique. In this technique, the doctor takes out some extracts from your blood.

They insert these extracts or PRP material in the ovaries with laparoscopy techniques. This technique may help in some ways but it is important to know that this technique is still in the research process, it is expensive and its result is still controversial, which is why we will not count this method in the solution list of your problem.

At last, along with these methods that help you conceive, you need to take care of your diet, exercise regularly, and take your necessary supplements regularly.

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