3rd and 4th Week of Pregnancy


In our last blog on the importance of the first two weeks of pregnancy, we learned that in the first two weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant woman is not actually pregnant. Yes, this is true because the first two weeks of pregnancy are at the very initial stage where your body prepares you for the pregnancy. Now today in this blog, we will learn about what happens in the third and fourth weeks of pregnancy.

3rd and 4th Week of Pregnancy

At the beginning of the third week of pregnancy, fertilization has already been done, which means one right sperm out of millions of sperms has won the race and fertilized the egg.

Now, your baby is full of energy and is on its way. Just after the fertilization, it keeps on multiplying for five days and becomes a round ball of multiple cells, known as a blastocyst. This blastocyst then takes slight steps and moves slowly towards the uterus.

During the end of the third week and the beginning of the fourth week of pregnancy, the baby reaches the uterus, its home, and gets comfortable. In the uterus, the baby increases its roots and develops Placenta. Developing the placenta releases the HCG hormone which marks the beginning of the pregnancy.

Simultaneously, your egg is released from the uterus and forms into the mass of cells called corpus luteum, which releases the estrogen-progesterone hormone. The hike in the levels of these hormones results in your missed periods and show you about your pregnancy.

Let us share an interesting fact. After they confirm a pregnancy test, people find some ways by which they can particularly have a baby girl or a baby boy. But the most important thing is to know that there’s no way you can change the gender of the child after the pregnancy test because the gender of the child gets fixed right at the time of the fertilization. This means that up to the third week of the pregnancy, the sex of your baby has been decided.

Another majorly asked question by the couples is that-How many months has it been since the pregnancy? Or what is this month of the pregnancy? So, around the third and fourth weeks of pregnancy, you are one month pregnant. Isn’t it interesting that you didn’t even know about your pregnancy and you are already one month pregnant?

Now let’s talk about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy during this period.

Till now you don’t even know that you’re pregnant because of which you don’t see any signs or symptoms at all. You continue living your normal life. But some pregnant women may experience some signs and symptoms of pregnancy in the first month like puffiness, bloating, and swelling.

The next symptom includes the feeling of cramps in the uterus, just like your period of pain. Along with the cramps, some women may experience spotting, which is light bleeding during their first month. We know this as implantation bleeding that happens after an embryo gets implanted in the uterus.

Similarly, some women are very sensitive that they might experience nausea or vomiting because of the hikes in the HCG hormone. You may also see some changes in the shape and sizes of the breast, some pain and tenderness in them. And at the end of the fourth week you miss your periods and have a powerful feeling that yes, you might be pregnant.

You can do a home pregnancy test by using a pregnancy kit at home. Some people ask me that we can do a pregnancy test in the third week of pregnancy because during the end of the third week and the beginning of the fourth week the level of pregnancy hormones goes down. That is why the kit sometimes doesn’t show a positive result.

But in some other cases, if your pregnancy is advanced or twin pregnancy, the kit may still show positive results in the third and fourth weeks.

The last things to remember are to consume folic acid regularly, avoid alcohol and smoking, eat healthy food, increase the consumption of fluids, and stay stress-free. Take care.

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