Tips for Breastfeeding the Baby


Breastfeeding is very important soon after the baby is born. Being a pregnant mother, you should prepare yourself for breastfeeding, before the baby is born. You should start it as early as possible to avoid common problems and issues regarding breastfeeding later.

However, nowadays there are several antenatal classes, which you must attend. Before 6-7 months of your delivery, you need to attend lactation classes. It helps you tackle and prevent common breastfeeding-related problems such as position, duration, intervals. It also helps you to develop a both between you and your newborn baby as well as feed your baby optimally.

Moreover, the lactation counselors will prepare a diet chart for you. After giving birth to your child, make sure to breastfeed her within the first 30 minutes. The initial breast milk, also known as colostrum contains very rich nutrients and immunity boosters. These nutrients help your baby fight against diseases and build immunity.

Reasons why the baby is not taking breast milk properly?

There are certain reasons for the baby not taking milk properly. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Incorrect position and attachment – If the position or attachment of your baby is proper then your baby will not take breast milk. In this case, consulting a lactation consultant will be beneficial for you. Make sure to attend a couple of sessions with your lactation consultant before breastfeeding your baby.

However, while breastfeeding, make sure that your baby’s mouth is completely open while taking milk. The attachment is very important, otherwise, your baby will not take milk properly.

  • Flat or inverted nipples – If your nipples are flat or inverted then make sure to consult a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant will help you with certain procedures in this case.

However, it is important to start breastfeeding within 30 minutes after your baby is born. Make sure you breastfeed frequently and ensure proper latching while your baby is taking milk. Also, remember that the more frequently you do breastfeeding, the more milk will be produced in your body.

  • Pre-term or underweighted baby – If your baby weighs under 2 kgs or has a low birth weight, then your baby may face problems while taking breast milk. However, in India, there are several breastfeeding procedures so that the baby can take milk properly. The procedures are:
    • If there is low production of milk in your body or if the milk is not coming out properly, you may apply another technique. In this case, you may pull out the milk manually from the breast and then feed your baby.

However, if there is still a low production of milk in your body, then the doctors might suggest getting milk from the milk bank. Although, it is hard to find milk for the pre-term baby as it is mostly not available.

    • The last option available, which is rarely suggested by doctors is the ‘formula milk’. Only 0.05 percent of the babies in India need this technique. However, doctors only suggest breast milk for the baby as it is best for the baby’s health.


Above mentioned are certain techniques that will help you in case your baby doesn’t take milk properly. Make sure to feed your baby with breast milk as it is the best source of nutrition for the baby.

However, if there are any issues relating to breastfeeding, make sure to consult the doctor or a lactation consultant.

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