What Is Sexual Dysfunction?


In a successful relationship, every aspect of life is kept in balance. That includes personal time, work pressure, family, and sex. Intimacy is a huge aspect of a relationship. It is important to have sexual chemistry among living partners. Hence, the idea of sex after marriage is getting redundant.

Sexual intimacy is getting more preference with time, and the taboo is getting nullified. That being said, many people are asexual, which is completely normal. Furthermore, many asexual partners are living in happy relationships.

Nonetheless, while sex is also a preference and choice, it is important to cater to the needs and wants of the body. Even with sexually active partners, they often indulge in sexual problems which are rather difficult to cope with. These are sexual dysfunctions that occur among one or both parties.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sex has a couple of stages that makes it satisfactory or better. This includes a considerable amount of foreplay, leading to penetration and finally climax. Nonetheless, there are times when either one of the partners is unable to perform sexually. This is called sexual dysfunction.

It can occur among any sex and gender. Sexual dysfunction can not only lead to unsatisfactory sex but also an unhappy relationship. More often than not, many couples break due to unhappy sex lives. In such cases, you should consult a sex therapist should you want to work on the relationship.

You can develop sexual dysfunctions during your lifetime. However, it is not necessary that you cannot develop the symptoms if you are good at sex. Hence it is important to look into the signs leading to permanent sexual dysfunction.

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Can it occur among men and women?

Sex is a recurring practice among both men and women. Hence sexual dysfunction can also possess among both sexes. While for men, symptoms are different than women, but essentially the end result is the same.

Women can have trouble getting aroused altogether, while men can encounter problems like erectile dysfunction, among others. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing difficulties regularly, then you should talk to an doctor or a therapist.

What happens if you have sexual dysfunction?

Many aspects play a role in happy sex life. That includes chemistry between the partners. Moreover, sexual energy is also a possible reason to have sex between two consenting partners.

If you have problems in your sex life and think you are the cause of unsatisfying sex, you should visit a doctor. It is not expected of you to be at your top game every time you perform. Just how there are good and great days, there are even worse and worse days. Should the following symptoms persist, you should pay a visit to the doctor:


Sexual dysfunction is not just limited to men. It is a huge horizon that affects all the genders of the world. Hence these are the symptoms that you should keep an eye out for:

1. Unenthusiastic about sex

If you do not feel the sexual urge for the longest time, then it can be a symptom of sexual dysfunction. Although, there are phases wherein you may not feel like working towards sex at all. More often than not, this idea passes with time. But if you think that you are not getting aroused at all, then talk to a doctor.

2. Orgasms 

Another problem that some people go through is having orgasms. It should be really easy to climax if you are attracted to the person, and everything is going fine. Regardless of the time, you will climax at one point. If you think it takes a lot of time for you or your partner to orgasm, you should talk to a doctor. That being said, it is completely natural not to orgasm every time, but should the problem persist, that is a symptom.

3. Pain during intercourse

In women, pain can occur if the previous sexual experience did not involve lubrication. But when it comes to persisting pain, you should talk to the doctors. In men’s case, pain during sex is absolutely abnormal, and you must consult professionals for the same.

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Sexual dysfunction is a huge topic that is impacted by a lot of things. There are many known and unknown factors that will come to play for poor sex performance. Some of the causes are mentioned below:

  • There are some medications that a person might take against which the side effects may cause sexual dysfunction.
  • Trauma related to sex is one of the major reasons for having issues in bed. Many women are molested at a very younger age, after which they are reluctant to involve in intercourse. This usually takes them back to the trauma and hinders their ability to get aroused.
  • Taking drugs is another thing that will majorly impact your performance in bed. It is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. In women, the urge and lubrication are compromised.
  • Menopause in women is a possible reason for not having the urge.

Not being attracted to the partner anymore is a very common issue. This can impact the performance, but this may change if you change partners or reignite the spark. Should you come across problems disturbing your mental health, you should speak to a doctor.

Treatments for sexual dysfunction

Should you go to a doctor taking your sexual problems, they will advise you to mix up the routine of sex. You can try out changing the patterns or catch them by surprise. As your partner, you should be able to comfortably share everything with them. Thus, you can try watching pornographic videos together.

If you have problems related to pain, the doctor would give you pain medications before examining you further. Nonetheless, you should make sure that you are completely honest with the doctor and with your partner to encounter the least problems.


Sexual dysfunction is a major problem that is arising among couples. It can potentially ruin the relationship and cause frustration which will take a toll on the mental health. Hence, whatever the reason might be, you should talk to your partner and find a solution together. This is a mentally challenging process and requires the support of your partner.

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