What is the severity of a pancreatic tumor?


Pancreatic cancer originates in the tissues of your pancreas, an organ located behind the lower section of your stomach in your belly. Your pancreas makes substances that control digestion and also emits digestive enzymes.

Does Underarm Lump Lead to Breast Cancer?


An underarm lump, also known as an axillary lump, is a common occurrence that can have various causes. One of the concerns that many people have when they discover an underarm lump is whether it may be a sign of breast cancer.

Is Yellow Nipple Sign of Breast Cancer?


There is no well-established connection between breast cancer and the yellow nipple sign. Studies suggest that yellow discharge from the nipple may indicate breast cancer, yet it is not regarded as a definitive sign.

Osteosarcoma : Causes and Risk Factors


Do you know that the most frequent type of cancer that develops in the bones is osteosarcoma (also known as osteogenic sarcoma)? Yes, osteosarcoma is one of the most common bone cancer.

What Are the Early Stages of Lip Cancer?


To begin with, lip cancer is a type of cancer that affects the skin of the lips. It can also appear on either the upper or lower lip, but the lower lip is the most common. Also, this malignancy is a type of mouth cancer.

How Do You Know You Have Lip Cancer?

How to know if I have lip cancer

Lip cancer is a malignancy/cancer that affects the skin of the lips. It can develop on either the upper or lower lip, but it is most frequent on the lower lip. As it is a part of the mouth, lip cancer comes under oral cancer.

Why is Liver Cancer So Deadly?


Worldwide, liver cancer ranks among the most deadly cancers. If you have been an alcoholic for a long time, you may develop liver cancer at any time.

What is Sinus Cancer?


Sinus cancer develops in the hollow spaces between your eyes, cheekbone, and forehead joints. Also, it accounts for 3 to 5% of all head and neck malignancies and, if not treated early, can have long-term and fatal consequences.

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