Understanding the Double Marker Test in Pregnancy: FAQ and Answers


The double marker test, also known as the dual marker test or dual screening test, is a prenatal screening test performed during pregnancy to assess the risk of certain chromosomal abnormalities, especially Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18). It combines two blood tests: the measurement of certain hormones and proteins in the mother’s blood.

How To Get Pregnant With Ovarian Cyst?


Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop on a woman’s ovaries, and they are a relatively common condition affecting women of all ages. While most ovarian cysts are harmless and don’t cause any symptoms, some cysts can interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive.

5th and 6th Week Pregnancy


In the beginning of the fifth week of the pregnancy, you must have already missed your periods. During this time, doing a home pregnancy test by using a kit or beta hcg test can confirm your pregnancy if you are pregnant.

3rd and 4th Week of Pregnancy


At the beginning of the third week of pregnancy, fertilization has already been done, which means one right sperm out of millions of sperms has won the race and fertilized the egg.

3 Correct Methods to Confirm Pregnancy


If you have been trying to conceive and you have recently missed your periods, you are among 80% of the women who may ask a question to themselves- Am I pregnant? Along with your skipped menstrual cycle, you may feel other symptoms of pregnancy like sore breasts, nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, cramps, etc.

First 2 Weeks of Pregnancy

First two weeks of pregnancy

After a positive pregnancy test, many couples are eager to know how many weeks has been since pregnancy. In this situation, they visit our clinic and want to know about their pregnancy week.

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