Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

The drug regulatory administration of India has approved two vaccines. These are Covishield & Covaxin. The Indian government has already vaccinated more than 100 million people. Because vaccination is the first step in controlling the outbreak.

But sadly, there has been numerous misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. While deciding whether to get vaccinated or not, it is necessary to distinguish between myths and facts.

Initially, the Indian Govt. had decided to vaccinate senior citizens (above the age of 60). However, people above 45 years of age were allowed to get the vaccination on one condition. They must have diseases like – Diabetes, hypertension etc. Two or more such diseases can result in Comorbidities.


Common myths about COVID-19 vaccines:

Various online and offline platforms are spreading myths about vaccines. They are criticizing the manufacturing procedures and the side effects. Even you can see a lot of such rumors on social media platforms.

Some of these myths are:

  1. The COVID-19 vaccines have only 55% efficacy. Also, 60% of the vaccines work.
  2. The vaccines have innumerable side effects.
  3. The COVID-19 disease can happen to you, even after you get the vaccine.
  4. A few patients are even dying after getting the vaccine doses.
  5. Are Indian vaccines good enough?

Facts behind COVID-19 vaccines:

Myth 1: The vaccines have innumerable side effects.

Fact: Definitely, some patients have reported side effects after vaccination. But these effects are mostly lenient or moderate.

Fatigue, muscle pain, fever, diarrhoea etc. are some of the probable side effects. But these side effects are not essentially life-threatening. You can easily survive them. If you don’t have any existing diseases, there is nothing to worry about. When a child is vaccinated, he or she may get fever immediately. Similarly, the COVID-19 vaccines also come with a little side effects that are almost negligible.

Myth 2: The COVID-19 vaccines have only 55% efficacy. Also, 60% of the vaccines work.

Fact: According to Union Health Ministry, a broadly used COVID-19 vaccine, can help in restraining the pandemic. But it should have an efficacy above 50%.

According to the manufacturer’s data, Covishield has 63% efficacy. While the Phase trial of Covaxin shows that it has an efficacy rate of 81%. But this should not matter. Getting a protection of at least 60% is better than no protection.

Myth 3: The COVID-19 disease can happen to you, even after you get the vaccine.

Fact: Vaccines assist in developing immunity by producing antibodies. Hence the vaccine needs a specific time to provide protection. Thus, sometimes people can get the infection twice with the same virus.

But, once you cross the specified period after vaccination, the chances that you get the infection minimised. Also, you need to make sure that you take both the doses of vaccination to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19.

Hence, even after vaccination, you’ll have to maintain covid protocols. You shall take necessary precautions. You shall maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

Myth 4: Patients are dying after getting the vaccine doses.

Fact: The majority of people, who are dying after vaccination, have Comorbidities. This is the reason Government asked everyone to take vaccine at the hospital itself and then wait for 30 minutes. If in case any problem occurs, the hospital will directly admit that patient. However, 1,74,335 total deaths have been recorded. This is not a tremendous count if you consider the total no. of infected (14,291,197).

Myth 5: Are Indian COVID-19 vaccines good enough?

At present there are two types of vaccines available in the Indian markets: Covishield and Covaxin. Both the vaccines are effective enough to reduce the risk of getting corona and they are considered to be as good as any other vaccines. Therefore, you should not differentiate between Indian vaccines and other vaccines.

It can be troublesome for you to know the clarity of the information sources. However, before accessing information from online platforms, you should examine the authenticity of the source. Also, you have to update yourself regularly. With every passing time, the COVID-19 infections are rapidly increasing. More than Lakhs of people are getting infected each day.


Hence, you should stop believing in myths and rumours. You should be well aware of the urgency of vaccination. Always remember that vaccination is compulsory for all. A vaccination drive is the only way to put a stop to this pandemic.

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