6 Prostate Cancer Signs Every Male Should Know

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Prostate cancer not only causes frequent or urgent urination, but if you see these signs, then you may have prostate cancer.

Frequent or urgent need to urinate

Some men have blood in their urine (hematuria). In most cases, it can be managed, but it can be alarming.

Blood in the urine or semen

It is very common to feel pain  during urination. If this pain is not subsiding and keeps on increasing then you should see a urologist.

Pain or burning during urination

In many patients, stopping urination is difficult. If you see a sign like this then you need to see a good doctor immediately.

Difficulty trying to hold back urination

This is not a good sign if you are having trouble emptying your bladder completely. Visit the nearest doctor immediately.

Trouble emptying the bladder completely

It is possible for prostate cancer to cause pain in the back, hips, and upper thighs even if it has not spread.

Pain in the hips, back, and chest