7 Symptoms of Alzheimer's That Are Seen in Most Patients

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1. Loss of memory

Forgetting everyday tasks, repeatedly asking a question, forgetting the names of family members, and many more.

2. Thinking and reasoning

People with Alzheimer's disease have trouble thinking and concentrating, especially when riding a bike or driving a car.

3. Confusion about Place

Alzheimer's patients have signs such as forgetting their place and where they are going every day.

4. Having difficulty reading, writing, or working with numbers

5. Poor judgment

This person made a poor decision based on the information and context available to him/her.

6. Behavior changes

There is also a possibility that Alzheimer's patients are more upset, worried, and angry for no apparent reason.

7. Trouble speaking or writing

Some Alzheimer's patients may also show symptoms such as difficulty in speaking or writing.

As the disease progresses, symptoms vary. The later stages of Alzheimer's often cause people to have difficulty talking, moving, or responding to what's happening around them.

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