Early Signs of HIV - Are You Aware of It?

By : The Health Place

Every Peoples needs to know Don't Ignore

1. Fever and Aches

Most people who become infected with HIV show signs, such as fever, aches, and being sick, within the first 2-4 weeks.

2. Swollen Lymph Nodes

Most people show signs of swollen lymph nodes in the first few weeks after HIV infection.

3. Weight Loss

The majority of HIV patients lose weight as the disease progresses. (At the end of HIV infection)

4. Pain in the Joints

Patients with HIV are more likely to suffer from joint pain. Due to the body's internal weakness.

5. Ulcers on the Genitals 

In studies, an increased risk of HIV infection has been linked to genital ulcer disease.

6. Ulcers in the Mouth

Due to HIV, the immune system in our body is weakening day by day, causing ulcers in the mouth.

7. Tiredness

It is common for people with HIV to feel tired because HIV affects both their immune system and their mental health.

8. Skin Rash

Some people experience skin rash in the early stages of HIV, and others in the later stages.

9. Others Signs

It is also possible to experience night sweats, muscle pain, dementia, confusion, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, and difficulty walking when you have HIV.