7 Science-based health benefits of coffee

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Do You Know This?

1. Boosts Energy Levels

It's true – coffee can increase your energy levels. But make sure not to drink too much.

2. Reduced Body Fat

Two to three cups of coffee a day help reduce the amount of fat around the body and in the belly.

3. Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Research suggests that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes - whether it is caffeinated or decaffeinated.

4. Reduced Risk of Liver Disease

People with liver problems appear to benefit from coffee.  There is a possibility that it could prevent diseases.

5. Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s

Treatments and lifestyle changes can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease, but there is currently no cure.

6. Reduced Risk of Parkinson’s

Up to 30% of Parkinson's disease risk can be reduced by drinking coffee.

7. Boost Your Dna's Strength 

Coffee helps increase the strength of your DNA.