Radiation Therapy: Types, Side Effects, Advantages & Success Rate

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What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy destroys cancer cells using high-energy X-rays or other particles. A radiation oncologist performs this procedure.

Types of Radiation Therapy

There are two types of radiation therapy 1. External beam radiation 2. Internal radiation therapy

Why Radiation Therapy is Used

Radiation therapy treats cancer and eases cancer symptoms. It is one of the most commonly used therapies in the treatment of cancer.

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

1. Diarrhea 2. Fatigue 3. Hair lo 4. Skin change 5. Difficulty swallowing 6. Lymphedema 7. Nausea

Advantages of Radiation Therapy

1. Cure cancer 2. Help prevent cancer from spreading 3. Stop or slows its growth and more

What is the Success Rate of Radiation Therapy?

Radiation treatment has a success rate of 90% or more.

Other Cancer Treatment Options

1. Biomarker Testing 2. Chemotherapy 3. Hormone Therapy 4. Hyperthermia 5. Immunotherapy 6. Photodynamic Therapy 7. Stem Cell Transplant 8. Targeted Therapy 9. Surgery