How to Choose a Sexologist for Sexual Problems?


Ensure that your doctor has a specialist in sexual medicine before you see a Sexologist for the first time. Doctors are required by law to list their credentials besides their names. When looking for a sexologist online, it’s much simpler to look into the doctor’s educational background.

The professional website of a respectable doctor will always provide testimonials and detailed information about the expert.

A professional sexologist will not only cure your ailment but will also advise you on the measures you should take both before and after treatment. The therapy of sexual dysfunction comes with a long list of dos and don’ts, and if you don’t follow them, it will have the opposite impact.

What is a sexologist?

To help individuals understand and embrace their sexuality and push them toward their sexual objectives, clinical sexologists provide sex therapy, coaching, and education. Clinicians that specialize in sex issues have done significant research on all aspects of human sexuality and can guide patients through difficult situations where they may be lost, confused, or just want more knowledge.

If you’re dealing with sexual troubles, you’ll want to work with someone compassionate, non-judgmental, and who considers all of the relevant elements while treating the problem.

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Conditions it treats

Using knowledge, resources, tools, and procedures such as clinical sexology, clinical sexologists assist their clients in reaching their sexual growth objectives and eventually regulating their sexual development. The following are the stages involved in sex therapy:

  • To assist with a client’s understanding of where they are now and where they want to go after working with a psychosexual expert.
  • Assist customers in determining what makes them comfortable and what makes it difficult to achieve their sexual aspirations.
  • To assist clients in gradually increasing their sexual comfort zones to their desired levels, there are clinics that design and prescribe activities to aid in this process.

Even while sexual troubles may seem to be founded in deeper emotional issues, this is classified as “brief treatment,” which is counseling focused on achieving a specific objective. Referrals will be offered to augment the success of sex therapy if a client needs medical treatment before or during work with a Clinical Sexologist.

Many times, dissatisfaction with one’s sexual connection and the loss of that shared closeness may lead to negative emotions and attitudes that are harmful to one’s relationship. Unresolved sexual differences and issues lead to many marriages failing. This may be resolved by going to see a sex therapist.

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When to see one

The best time for you to visit a sexologist include:

  1. If you’re experiencing issues with your genitals, see your doctor immediately
  2. Be alert if you notice anything strange about your privates.
  3. You have slept with someone you don’t know very well and had unprotected sex with that person.
  4. Because of any reason, you and your partner cannot engage in sexual activity
  5. If you can’t hold your ejaculation for more than a few seconds, you could have a problem.
  6. If you’re still unable of ejaculating after receiving enough stimulation
  7. Unable to get an erection
  8. Get immediate medical attention if you see any spots or rashes on your penis or in your throat.
  9. For those who have a penis with a tight foreskin, this is for you.
  10. After a very strenuous encounter, if your penis splits
  11. If you bleed or have discomfort during a sexual encounter, get medical attention right once.
  12. If your penis seems to be twisted in an abnormal manner
  13. You’ve got a little penis, right?
  14. If, even at an early age, you find yourself losing interest in sex, there may be something wrong with you.
  15. It’s not the end of the world if your marriage doesn’t work out.

How to choose one

Consider whether or not a sex therapist is a suitable match for you before you commit to sessions. You may have inquiries along the lines of the ones listed below.

  • Education and experience: What kind of education and experience do you have? Do you have a state-issued license? Do you have AASECT credentials? What is your personal experience with a problem like mine?
  • Logistics: What’s the address of your workplace? What are the hours of your office?
  • Treatment plan: How many sessions are there in a day? What is the frequency of the sessions? Is there a timeframe for how long the therapy will last? What’s your procedure for sessions that have to be canceled?
  • Fees and insurance: Is there a set fee for working with you? Do your health insurance benefits cover your services? Is it possible to pay the whole amount in advance?

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What you can expect

A sexual therapist will likely ask you about your sexual issues. Sexual difficulties are complex, and your therapist will want to know all the details. This usually requires a thorough examination of your past and current sexual or relationship issues. Once your sex therapist knows the problem, you will explore methods to increase communication and intimacy.

While discussing sex and intimacy may first be uncomfortable, sex therapists are trained to put you at ease and detect and explore sexual difficulties.

Involve your spouse in your sex therapy sessions if you’re in a relationship. Homework assignments for you and your companion may include:

  • Practice effective communication with your spouse by doing these simple activities
  • Mindfulness strategies, such as slowing down and paying attention to your feelings during sexual interactions, may help you achieve this
  • Educating yourself about sexual health by reading or viewing instructive videos
  • Making a shift in your sexual and nonsexual interactions with your spouse

The duration of a session of sex therapy varies. Some issues may be resolved in a short time, with just a few office visits required. However, most people need several sessions with a counselor.

As your sex therapy proceeds, you’ll be able to draw on your own experiences to help you narrow down the problems you want to address. Licensed mental health providers are prohibited from providing sexual coaching that includes physical touch.


As a woman, wanting someone to support you through your sexuality is completely normal and understandable. Like anxiousness or a need for greater clarity on your life’s purpose, sexuality is something that many of you battle with.

Sex therapy may assist you in achieving the kind of sexual life you’ve always desired and deserve.

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