Urology and Nephrology

How Do Sexual Health Clinics Help?


It is possible to have a healthier physique for sexual wellness. A sexual experience that is both pleasant and enjoyable. Putting one’s worth in one’s own hands and feeling good about oneself. With complete peace of mind.

What Is Sexual Dysfunction?


In a successful relationship, every aspect of life is kept in balance. That includes personal time, work pressure, family, and sex. Intimacy is a huge aspect of a relationship. It is important to have sexual chemistry among living partners. Hence, the idea of sex after marriage is getting redundant.

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation?


When you experience a climax before or within a minute of starting intercourse, this is known as premature ejaculation (PE). Although there is absolutely no specific time for a guy to discharge during sex, when you discharge and lose your arousal this quickly, you as well as your lover might feel rushed.

How to Choose a Sexologist for Sexual Problems?


Ensure that your doctor has a specialist in sexual medicine before you see a Sexologist for the first time. Doctors are required by law to list their credentials besides their names. When looking for a sexologist online, it’s much simpler to look into the doctor’s educational background.

Causes and Treatment of Low Libido in Men


At some point in their lives, several males and females suffer from a lack of libido (sexual desire). However, a medical condition such as low hormone production can also be the cause of it. Marriage problems, anxiety, and exhaustion are among the most common causes.

How to Increase Sex Drive?


The purpose of today’s article is to teach you how you can boost your sexual drive. “Sex drive” is defined as a desire for sexual action, whether with a companion or alone. When it’s there, it’s a good indicator of how well you’re doing mentally and physically.

Is Penis Enlargement Effective?


Globally, the market for clinically untested “penis enlargement products” has generated a multi billion-pound industry. While many guys are anxious that their important part is too small, research reveals that the majority of men’s penises are really healthy, and thus they should not be worried.

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation?


Our bodies are very different from each other yet extremely similar. The basic functionalities of the body remain standard. What changes is the person’s ability to maintain the same. Sex is also a basic need of the body, which needs to be fulfilled after a pint of time.

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