7 Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Do you think you are pregnant? Like many other women who have been trying to conceive recently and missed their period, too, might think that they are pregnant. You must be feeling a little different, experiencing different things, may see changes in your body, etc. All these changes are nothing but initial symptoms of pregnancy.

So, before you decide to do a pregnancy test, it is important to understand some initial symptoms of pregnancy and then select the best way to confirm it. In this blog, we will share 7 common symptoms of pregnancy that all most all the pregnant women experience in the initial stages of pregnancy.

7 symptoms of pregnancy


1. Missed Periods

The most common and the very first symptom of pregnancy is missed periods. It is when you miss your periods and skip your period date. In this situation, you can do a pregnancy test by using a pregnancy test kit. Missing your periods is a very important symptom of pregnancy but it doesn’t indicate pregnancy in all the cases. Missing your periods can have other reasons as well.

2. Nausea and vomiting

The second most common symptom of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting which is also known as morning sickness. By the name morning sickness, it doesn’t mean that it only happens in the morning. It can happen anytime in the day. Nausea and vomiting are the results of the hormone changes that take place in the body. These hormones include the Beta HCG and estrogen hormone. On one hand, where some women may experience vomiting, other women may only feel metallic taste in their mouth.

3. Sudden Fatigue

Another symptom of pregnancy is the sudden feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. You might suddenly feel very low and weak. This happens because a portion of the blood flow in the brain goes towards the uterus which decreases the blood flow in the brain and makes us weak and tired. Along with this, as soon as you become pregnant, your blood pressure becomes low because of which you may feel dizzy.

All these are very common symptoms of pregnancy which you shouldn’t be afraid of. If you feel extremely tired you can increase water fluids and consume lemon juice. If you feel extremely dizzy, you can consume tea or coffee to increase your blood pressure. Don’t forget these are just symptoms of pregnancy and not a disease to worry about.

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4. Changes in Breasts

The fourth symptom includes some changes in your breasts like increased breast size, feeling of sweet pain in the breasts and heaviness in them. Sometimes when you touch them, you feel the pain which is termed as tenderness in the breasts. Do not worry so much about the changes in your breast as they are just the symptoms of your pregnancy.

5. Frequent Urination

Another common symptom of pregnancy is the increased frequency of urination. Normally, in our body, the urinary bladder, the uterus, and the rectum are located behind each other in a line. During pregnancy, the uterus starts growing and takes more space due to which it puts pressure on the urinary bladder. This pressure makes you feel to urinate frequently. Another reason for frequent urination is the increase in blood pressure.

6. Feeling constipated and bloated

During pregnancy, it is very common to feel bloated or constipated. You might feel swelling in your fingers, ankles, etc. All this happens because of the change in your hormones. Generally, the progesterone hormone keeps the body relax.

So during pregnancy when it increases, it slows down the digestion process and makes you feel constipated. Another reason for constipation is because of the pressure that the growing uterus puts on the rectum.

Bloating and constipation are common symptoms of pregnancy. So, try to have small frequent meals in a day so that they can be digested easily. Include fresh fruits, green vegetables, etc in your diet.

7. Spotting and Cramping

As soon as you become pregnant, you think that you won’t bleed. But some pregnant women may see light spotting (Red blood spots) or light cramps during pregnancy. This spotting and feeling light period pain may confuse you on whether you’re pregnant or not. But it is important to know that these symptoms may indicate pregnancy. This spotting and cramping happens mostly near your period date. Now, spotting and cramping happen when the embryo gets stuck or implanted into the walls of the uterus. This is known as implantation bleeding. This happens after 10-12 days of fertilization.


So all these 7 symptoms of pregnancy are very common yet very important to notice. All these symptoms are not necessarily experienced by every pregnant woman but you may experience many of them. Don’t forget that these symptoms are just a little happy signs of your baby inside you. Don’t worry about these symptoms and don’t panic. All the pain will be worth it when you will see your baby for the first time.

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